Symptoms and Causes of Headache (Pain)

Indicators and signs of a rigidity headache embrace:

  • Boring, aching head ache
  • Sensation of tightness or strain throughout your brow or on the edges and again of your head
  • Tenderness in your scalp, neck and shoulder muscle mass

Stress complications are divided into two foremost classes — episodic and persistent.

Episodic rigidity complications

Episodic rigidity complications can final from 30 minutes to per week. Frequent episodic rigidity complications happen lower than 15 days a month for not less than three months. Frequent episodic rigidity complications might develop into persistent.

Continual rigidity complications

Any such rigidity headache lasts hours and could also be steady. In case your complications happen 15 or extra days a month for not less than three months, they’re thought of persistent.

Stress complications vs. migraines

Stress complications will be troublesome to tell apart from migraines. Plus, in case you have frequent episodic rigidity complications, you too can have migraines.

Not like some types of migraine, rigidity complications normally aren’t related to visible disturbances, nausea or vomiting. Though bodily exercise sometimes aggravates migraine ache, it does not make rigidity headache ache worse. An elevated sensitivity to both mild or sound can happen with a rigidity headache, however these aren’t widespread signs.

When to see a physician

Make an appointment along with your physician

If rigidity complications disrupt your life or it’s essential take remedy on your complications greater than twice per week, see your physician.

Even in case you have a historical past of complications, see your physician if the sample modifications or your complications instantly really feel totally different. Sometimes, complications might point out a critical medical situation, similar to a mind tumor or rupture of a weakened blood vessel (aneurysm).

When to hunt emergency assist

When you’ve got any of those indicators or signs, search emergency care:

  • Abrupt, extreme headache
  • Headache with a fever, stiff neck, psychological confusion, seizures, double imaginative and prescient, weak point, numbness or talking difficulties
  • Headache after a head harm, particularly if the headache will get worse


The reason for rigidity complications is just not recognized. Consultants used to suppose rigidity complications stemmed from muscle contractions within the face, neck and scalp, maybe on account of heightened feelings, rigidity or stress. However analysis suggests muscle contraction is not the trigger.

The commonest principle helps a heightened sensitivity to ache in individuals who have rigidity complications. Elevated muscle tenderness, a typical symptom of rigidity complications, might end result from a sensitized ache system.


Stress is probably the most generally reported set off for rigidity complications.


As a result of rigidity complications are so widespread, their impact on job productiveness and total high quality of life is appreciable, notably in the event that they’re persistent. The frequent ache might render you unable to attend actions. You may want to remain dwelling from work, or in case you do go to your job, your capacity to perform is impaired.


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